Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rounding and Animal Facts

Students have been learning about rounding and estimating sums this week. We began by using a number line to round and then learned a rounding poem.

To practice using a number line to round, we went outside and drew number lines. Then, a student chose a number, stood on it, and hopped to each ten. They counted while they hopped to determine which ten their chosen number was closest to. 

To practice estimating sums, we went to Mo's Pizza. No, we really didn't go :)   
But that sure would have been nice!
Each child received a Mo's Pizza menu and ordered two items. Each item was rounded and the sum was found. Students repeated this procedure 4 more times. It was great seeing the students "buying" food and saying "Man, it cost a lot to eat!"

In writing, we are researching facts about animals. The students were given a bubble map with the following phrases: distinctive features, favorite food, main prey, predators, lifespan, habitat, and an interesting fact. They got onto A - Z Animals, a website full of animal facts, and filled in the circles with facts about their assigned animal. The phrase, an interesting fact, was filled in after they read a book about their animal. Tomorrow, we will construct our writings using the facts found.


  1. I really like your rounding anchor charts. They're very well done. Yall do so much in class!

  2. You anchor charts turned out great. I pinned your post. =)

    Third Grade in the First State

  3. I love the way you make learning fun for the kids!!


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