Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wolf Stories

Last week, we studied fantasy. Our story, Wolf!, is about a wolf that comes across a unique farm. This farm is for educated animals, and when he sees the other animals reading he is inspired. Through hard work and practice, the wolf becomes a good reader. 

Two writings were incorporated with this story. First, the students researched wolves using A-Z Animals. Bubble maps were filled in with wolf facts.

From the bubble maps, the facts were organized onto a Flee map and then written as a final copy.

Then, the students were given the prompt "Once upon a time I saw a wolf" and instructed to write a story.

Their imaginations really shined during this writing! Please take a minute to visit their blogs and experience their creativity. Also, they LOVE comments!! :)


Monday, October 22, 2012


Our focus this week in Math is patterns. We began by reviewing simple AB patterns {triangle, square, triangle, square}. Then, we dove into more complex patterns like ABB, AAB, and so on. Students also identified the next three patterns in the sequence. To practice the skill, students were given two pictures. I found these great, FREE pictures from Dana at 3rd Grade Gridiron.

I know her original purpose was to create arrays, but I found it fit perfectly with today's lesson. Students colored the pictures, created a pattern of their choice, glued to construction paper, and identified the pattern.

Another pattern we discussed today was patterns when finding the sum of even and odd numbers. First, we reviewed even and odd numbers. Then, students were given two die. I wanted them to discover the sum made when adding even and even numbers, even and odd numbers, and odd and odd numbers. The die were rolled and numbers recorded and identified as even or odd {example: 1 - odd, 4 - even}. Once the numbers were added, the students discovered if the sum was even or odd {example: 1 + 4 = 5; therefore, odd + even = odd}.


Another great, FREE resource I found to go with this week's lesson are Pumpkin Pattern Task Cards from Rachael at The Classroom Game Nook.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Food Graph

To wrap up our last week of graphing, students created a bar graph using food.

They were given a coffin with gummy body parts { hearts, severed feet, severed fingers, and eyeballs} that I found at the Dollar store and two packages of bat and pumpkin shaped pretzels. Then, the sorting of food began.

Once the food was sorted and counted, students created their graph. Included were a title, labels, a scale, and bars matching data.

I think they were proud of their food graphs!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn Bulletin Boards

Fall is in the air! Check out 2nd and 3rd grade bulletin boards that our teachers have created!

Vocabulary words for the next unit.

This is an interactive board. One side address using guide words to locate words. The other side contains subtraction problems. Each question has an answer hidden under construction paper. Students simply pull the tab to reveal answer.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Graphing Activity and Drumming Up Character

Students were introduced to bar graphs and pictographs this week. They learned that bar graphs require a a title, a scale, and labels. Also, a pictograph requires a title, labels, symbols and a key. Our focus was on parts of a graph and reading graphs.

One activity was surveying the class to create a class graph about favorite Halloween characters. I didn't take a picture :(   I will have an updated post with picture next week.

Another activity was graphing the number of coins made into a cup. We went outside and stood a certain length away from the cup. Each student threw 16 coins (4 pennies, 4 nickels, 4 dimes, and 4 quarters) trying to make it into the cup. A tally mark was made for each coin made into the cup. After the activity, students returned to the classroom and graphed their results.

Our school had the perfect end to this week. To reward students that have made good decisions this 9 weeks, The Dancing Drum provided a real treat.

Their performance, called Drumming Up Character, provides a "curriculum for character education combining ensemble drumming, dancing, character rap songs, and the performing arts." Students worked together to create one sound while incorporating terms like fairness and responsibility.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Particles, Apple Turn-Overs, Family Night, and Pen Pals

I have a lot to share about this past week!

In Science, we discovered how particles are arranged in solids, liquids, and gases and how heat affects its movement.

Each group of students received 3 petri dishes with popcorn kernels. One  dish was completely filled (solids), one was semi-filled (liquids), and one contained a few kernels (gas). They observed the movement of kernels (particles) by gently shaking the dishes.

In Reading, we read Johnny Appleseed and watched an animated e-book that was accessed through our local library. As a class, we wrote a summary that included characters, setting, and plot. 

Here comes the fun part...the next day. Each student made an apple turn-over. 

First, the students flattened their biscuit. Then, they added butter to one side and dipped the buttered side in a cinnamon-sugar mixture. Next, an apple slice was placed in the middle and the biscuit was folded over the apple slice. Finally, the turn-overs were baked for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Time to enjoy! 

Upon returning to class, the students wrote about making turn-overs. We outlined our recipe by completing a Flee Map. The recipe was written as a story using the Flee Map. You can read some of their writings at our class blog. Feel free to leave a comment. Students love reading them!!!

This is the first year that my class will have pen pals! Our pen pals are 3rd graders from a school in Wisconsin. Here is a picture of the students with letters from their pen pals.

After reading their letters, the students busily began responding. They are so excited to meet someone from another state and cannot wait to hear from them!! Here is a picture with their letters to their new friends.

In addition to all the fun we were having during class, we also had fun after school. Our school held a Family Skate Night at the local skating rink.

We had a wonderful turn-out! Teachers, kids, and parents really enjoyed this evening of fun!!!

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