Friday, October 12, 2012

Graphing Activity and Drumming Up Character

Students were introduced to bar graphs and pictographs this week. They learned that bar graphs require a a title, a scale, and labels. Also, a pictograph requires a title, labels, symbols and a key. Our focus was on parts of a graph and reading graphs.

One activity was surveying the class to create a class graph about favorite Halloween characters. I didn't take a picture :(   I will have an updated post with picture next week.

Another activity was graphing the number of coins made into a cup. We went outside and stood a certain length away from the cup. Each student threw 16 coins (4 pennies, 4 nickels, 4 dimes, and 4 quarters) trying to make it into the cup. A tally mark was made for each coin made into the cup. After the activity, students returned to the classroom and graphed their results.

Our school had the perfect end to this week. To reward students that have made good decisions this 9 weeks, The Dancing Drum provided a real treat.

Their performance, called Drumming Up Character, provides a "curriculum for character education combining ensemble drumming, dancing, character rap songs, and the performing arts." Students worked together to create one sound while incorporating terms like fairness and responsibility.


  1. I love the graphing idea. Thanks for sharing! We have a drumming program coming to our school next Friday I wonder if it is the same one.


    1. I hope it is. They are AMAZING!!!!



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