Monday, February 6, 2012

Math By Myself

Another center in Daily 5 Math is Math by myself. And it is just as the name suggests...the students work on math independently.  Some students rolled dice to make a fraction and placed that fraction on a number line. Or, they illustrated Fraction Avenue by coloring houses or drawing dogs/trees according to the fraction on the direction sheet.

Other activities that the students chose to complete were to match fractions in word form, parts in a set, and number form or.....


 FRACTIONPILLAR!!! This was the favorite activity of the week. The students created a caterpillar and wrote fraction sentences representing the fraction of each color used in the body.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Math with Interactive White Board

I create a new game every week based on what the students will be learning. This game is played by the students when they visit the interactive white board center.

I absolutely love watching the students work at this center! The game is set up as a game board and each student takes a turn answering questions. If a student answers a question incorrectly or is struggling with an answer, the other group members jump in and reteach. 

Math Reading and Writing

One center in our Math Daily 5 is reading and writing. One choice at this center is to read a book and complete an activity. During last week's unit on fractions, Hershey's Milk Chocolate Fraction Book, Give Me Half, and Go! Fractions were some titles available to read.

The students can also choose to write about fractions. A weekly multiplication sentence is provided in which the students write the relating fact family, draw a picture representing the fact, and create a word problem. Other activities include using problem-solving skills to solve a riddle and solving word problems. The most popular activity at this center is the iPods. Students watched lessons on fractions and completed problems during the lesson.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Belle Terre Library

Yesterday, we journeyed to the Belle Terre library in search of information to prepare for our school Social Studies fair. The librarians instructed them on the use of various internet search engines and gave a tour of book locations.

The students were ready and set off to learn about their fair topic. They busily took notes and began organizing their papers. 

I'm so proud of the work they accomplished and can't wait to see their final project!

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