Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I wish...

By the end of this week, students will know if they are getting the correct amount of change when they go shopping. Students were given a Scholastic book order form and $30 to spend. They created a "Wish List" of books they would like to buy, but had to stay within their budget. Their totals were then subtracted from $30 to determine the amount of change they would receive. Finally, the students used play money to show the fewest amount of bills and coins they would receive as change.

Some students practiced making change in the virtual world. They visited websites like Just Kids Games to make purchases and determine the correct amount of change. 

Sound Travels

Sound traveling through water
Today we learned about how sound waves travel through matter. During the investigation, we discovered that sound waves travel fastest through solids. The particles in a solid are compact, allowing sound to travel faster.

Investigating sound traveling through a solid

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Visitors Near and Far

Everyday at work is amazing, but these past two days have been SPECTACULAR!

Christina Leveanworth, traffic reporter for WWL TV, shared the ins-and-outs of traffic reporting. She explained how she gathers information from cell phone towers, traffic cameras, and viewer call-ins to keep us aware of delays and construction. The students were engaged in her discussions and asked great questions. Some questions included, "How did you become a reporter?" and "Would you rather report on something else besides traffic?" After Ms. Leveanworth's visit, I believe WWL will have new viewers. The students interest in local happenings has been peaked and there is no turning back. :)

My homeroom had our first Mystery Skype! Through a webcam over the Internet, we talked with Ms. LaCrosse's 5th grade class in Ohio. The students did not know what state the other class was from. We took turns giving clues about our state and, using maps, determined the locations. I was SO EXCITED to see the kids properly using political and climate maps!

Logan reading a clue about Louisiana
After the Skype, double bubble maps were created to compare and contrast Louisiana and Ohio.

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