Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Currently September

Another month has flown by!
Time to link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade

1.  Strange to have new tires listed as a favorite thing...I know. But, for the past 2 weeks the steering wheel has been shaking so bad while I drive. I mean...really was horrible...felt like I was living in Anchorage again and experiencing an earthquake. The entire car was shaking, as well, due to a tire going bad. Finally was able to get into a mechanic and have the tires changed. Thankfully, the shaking has stopped. Now on to get hubby's A/C fixed in truck. Poor baby, no A/C in 110 degree heat!

2.  Football season has started and so has my neighbor's and I weekly tradition of watching the Saints. This is the BEST time of the year!!!

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  1. I love all the bright colors of your blog! I also like how you have the subject tabs at the top. Very organized! I am your newest follower. :)
    Fun in First Grade


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