Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Pledge To Be Drug Free

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated the last week of October. Our class was honored to have Ms. Nikki share with us the history of Red Ribbon Week. In 1985, Drug Enforcement Agent (DEA) Enriquie "Kiki" Camarena was working undercover in Mexico trying to stop a multimillion dollar narcotics operation. His efforts were successful, but enraged the leaders of the drug cartel. They kidnapped Agent Camarena and his body was found a month later. In his hometown of Calexico, CA, the citizens wore red ribbons to honor their friend and bring awareness for drug prevention. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan and the First Lady, Nancy Reagan, recognized Red Ribbon Week nationally. Every year since people all over the nation have worn red ribbons to promote "No Use of Illegal Drugs, No Illegal Use of Legal Drugs." You can visit the Red Ribbon Coalition's website for more information about Red Ribbon Week. 

The students pledged to be drug free and proudly wear the red ribbon. They also created posters that will be displayed for the rest of our school community to see.

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